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Idol worship means worship of two basic building blocks (not set of informations code cpcs), the smallest idols of the universe. Fundamental belief of all religions of the world is same. on this fundamental basis secret of gita, quran and bible is same. A

It is being believed that Muslims do not do idol worship. It is myth. Before origin of the universe all things were in form of tachyons particles which are made up of two basic building blocks – Yang and Yin or mind and mass part of reality (Not set of informations Code PcPs – Originator of all sets of informatins Code PcPs). To understand concept of idol worship we have to understand Basic Building Blocks (B.B.B – Mind – CCP, Code PcPs or set of informations and CP and Mass – Fig. 1). The Creator B.B.B or Almighty B.B.B has considered them as smallest idols.

Five dimensional non-vacuum cylindrically symmetric solutions in f(r) theory of gravity

In this paper a cylindrically symmetric solutions in f(R) theory of gravity has been obtained by using perfect fluid. We investigate two solutions. The first solution corresponds to constant curvature and the second solution provides non-constant curvature. To find the pressure and density we used equation of state parameter.

Nursing as a profession of broad recognition in social and humanistic aspects in manabí, Ecuador

Nursing was born as a profession in the 1800s, under the influence of the British educational model, because of the rapid social and technological changes that took place at that time. Such a profession began to be manipulated almost immediately by other social groups, making it susceptible to be controlled by doctors and hospital administrators. Florence Nightingale is recognized as a pioneer. The people who work in nursing, for the most part are women, influenced by the social definitions of what is a woman and what should be.

Leadership styles of nurse managers and their effects on nurse and organisational performance, issues and problems

The aim of this review was to evaluate the effect of leadership styles of nurse managers on nurse and organisational performances and identify the research gaps. The literature search using Google Scholar yielded 53 articles on the entire range of the topic. Although nurses play a vital role, their performance can be significantly affected by the leadership style of the nurse manager under whom they work. Both positive and negative effects are possible. Negative effects may lead to errors in patient care, delayed or poor service delivery and even leaving the organisation.

A Study to assess the effectiveness of mindfulness based stress reduction (mbsr) technique in reducing stress among the employees working at selected information technology centres

Stress is not always negative. It may also bring out the best in individuals at times. It may induce an individual to discover innovative and smarter way of doing things. This positive dimension of stress is called as eustress. But usually, the term stress has a negative implication and this negative aspect of stress is termed as distress. For instance - When a subordinate is harassed or warned by his superior, unhappiness of unsuitable job, etc. We can say that “Stress causes some people to break, and other to break records.” The Quantitative Research approach was used in this study.

GM foods or not

In the last decade, most of the developed countries had harvested the yields of GM crops and equally had opposed them in certain contexts. GM foods had reached the markets and are being utilized on daily basis in the developed countries. Cosumer awareness is the point of concern and there are confusions prevailing among consumers regarding GM crops. There are no clear policies regarding the marketability of GM products. Policies vary across the countries.

Status of malocclusion among adults in urban areas

The aim of the study to is to survey the prevalence of malocclusion among adults residing in urban areas. Malocclusion is the imperfect positioning of the teeth when jaws are closed. Problems with teeth alignment is easier and quicker to treat when they are corrected early. Malocclusion can lead to complications such as discomfort, tooth decay and chewing difficulty. Malocclusion is a causative problem in a lot of dental diseases so it's documentation will help create awareness among the public.

The reliability of imaging in the diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorders; a systematic literature Review

The aim of this study is to assess the reliability of imaging in the diagnosis of TMJ disorders, namely, MRI, Cone Beam and and Ultrasonography. This systematic review has allowed an analysis of the scientific literature in the period 2005 to September 2015. This study is based on approved publications that assess the sensitivity, specificity and reliability of each type of imaging technics in the diagnosis of ATM components disorders, their benefits and limitations; and comparison with other imaging technics not discussed in this study.

A study to assess the effectiveness of lamaze breathing exercise on labour pain among primi gravid women admitted in labour ward at MGMC & RI, Puducherry

Reproduction is a basic function of human beings. Pregnancy and delivery are natural, joyous, human events. Childbirth is a universally celebrating event and happiest occasion in a women’s life. Pregnant women commonly worry about the pain they will experience during Labour and childbirth. Labour pain is one of the severest pain. Controlling labour pain is a major concern of maternity care. Nowadays, interest in non-pharmacological methods may be helpful for their Labour experience and also no side effects.

A toxicological review of vatsanabha (aconitum ferox)

Vatsanabha (Aconitum ferox) is one of the deadly poison categorized under the Mahavisha (by rasatarangini) and Sthavara visha (by sushrut and charak). It is a common drug indicated therapeutically for the management of various disease like Pleehodara (Spleenomegaly), Kushtha (Skin disease), Pandu (Anemia), Jwara (fever), Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis), Abhishyanda (Conjuctivitis) etc. As Acharya Charak mentioned that even poison in small amount acts like a nectar. So It is use in various medicinal formulations after proper purification.