Optimization of scheduling algorithms for load balancing using hybrid approach

Nowadays load balancing has become a popular platform for scientific applications. Load balancing intends to share many number of hardware resources as like equipment’s for record and calculations, and information and knowledge data for scientific researches over cloud computing. Load balancing algorithm is one of the most challenging theoretical issues in the computing field. How we can utilize computing resources very effectively and increase user satisfaction with load balancing system is one of the calculating service provider’s main issues. Some intensive researches have been done in the area of load balancing of computing resources. In this research work we have proposed Hybrid Algorithm in computing. In order to achieve our proposal we will execute this work as the following steps. First of all, we will declare some task which we want to execute that store in cloud database. Then, according to the tasks selection, we will select the exegete branch of the function and calculate the deserved evaluation. A hybrid algorithm is combination of FCFS and Priority concept. Reflection of the hybrid algorithm about to select local optimum is representing best performance. Compare to other methods like FCFS, it is found that there is less time consumption in complete execution of submitted tasks and increases the user satisfaction.

Monika Joon and Dr. Neetu Sharma
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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