Determination of relative numbers by using couple systems and its application to the atomic fields and quark coupling strength, tallied experiment of the lhcb collaboration, july 2015

The couple system is important one to determine different types of numbers that we can call “Relative Numbers”. We discussed about this formation, though more process of couple system is require discussing. The application need of it’s to atomic field is interesting. In what way the number of electron, proton, neutron to be formed few examples are given here and listed relative numbers from Hydrogen, atomic number 1 to atomic number up to 118 that`s do not follow our traditional theories. But the results are tallying uniquely to present thinking. This new theory tells many expectations in atomic stages. We need to search more in this field, here we can give touch for truth of relations between one to another particle. As a result “Relative Number” occurred by coupling by interacting two numbers. Odd and even number both obeying couple system, but direction changes at the end of reaction. We already discussed about it in reference [Nirmalendu Das, 2015] and [Nirmalendu Das, 2015]. Though need to give touch here understanding about this subject. This formation is applicable to particle stages also. As per reference [doi: 10.1038/nphys3415 Received 08 April 2015 Accepted 25 June 2015 Published online 27 July 2015], Nature Physics published a paper on 27th July, 2015 quark coupling strength |Vub| using baryonic decays. The experiments done by LHCb collaboration. The relative numbers in the form of a particle keeping relation between two particles thus decaying to other form which obeying the principles of couple system. Moreover, the equation of relative numbers is able to find the number of cells of brain and other parts of a body.

Nirmalendu Das
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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