Automatic correction of chromatic aberration using photoacute studio

In a digital camera, the causes of color artifacts are due to the characteristics of an image sensor or an optical device. Chromatic aberration is one of the color artifacts. Because chromatic aberration is unpleasant to the eye, users are likely to eliminate or correct the color fringed pixels. At present, most users select the regions which contain the color fringed pixels, and correct them using software such as Adobe® PhotoShop. Other applications such as PTLens® use lookup table of precomputed parameters to reduce the artifacts. This study aims to correct the effects of Chromatic Aberration automatically and overcome the limitations of optics manufacturing technology through the use of Almalance’s PhotoAcute Studio, which corrects this aberration automatically, minimizing the circle of confusion, with no need of manual adjustments of any parameters. The study thus concluded that, the Almalence PhotoAcute studio was able to achieve high quality images without any annoying chromatic aberration (red and green fringing) and overcame the limitations of the optics manufacturing technology.

Dr. Mohammed Tawfik Abdelfattah
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Int J Inf Res Re
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