Writing scientific thesis/dissertation in biology field:situation of recommendations chapter writing

In biology fields, postgraduate students must write thesis or dissertation to fulfill the requirements to obtain their degrees either MSc or PhD. Every thesis or dissertation contains many separated chapters and each chapter must be written in a way that must follow the standard writing style. In this study the chapter of recommendations was evaluated to explore the situation of how those students write the context of this chapter. The recommendations chapter was sufficiently studied and deeply analyzed in 124 theses or dissertations of postgraduate students in biology fields. Moreover 114 postgraduate students from the same field were interviewed and discussed to gather information about their background, knowledge and approach about recommendations writing style. The results revealed that most students had no right idea about recommendations writing and they did not read any article about how to write recommendations context. Most recommendations were vaguely, broadly and generalized written. Some of them were written advices or orders to others or written as general suggestion to the governments to be solved. Most of recommendations in most thesis or dissertations were not extracted from the research findings but referred to some information indirectly related to the main subject. The students used to mimic the previous graduated students in writing recommendations context and they did not pay high attention about the importance of the recommendations as future research. The Universities must re-evaluate the application of thesis or dissertation writing guidelines that were previously issued and sent to all faculties in order to make thesis or dissertations writing style more robust, scientific, useful, and internationally acceptable. The study as well highly recommends giving the students an obligatory course in how to write thesis or dissertations before starting their thesis or dissertation writing.

Huda D. Salman and Nahi Y. Yaseen
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