Why Nigerian government may not fund university education

University in Nigeria are growing rapidly in terms of creating access for the citizen which is a greater achievement in the world. These universities have complained of underfunding over the last 2 decades, government have made several measures to allow private investors to participate in the business of providing knowledge. An approach with which have resulted in the introduction of university deregulation, privatisation and commercialisation in terms of creating more access widen the gap and increasing the need and demand for government support. Government have however made several other contributions such as introducing petroleum trust fund, yet the gaps remain unfilled as universities (both private and public) continue to cry for funding issue. This paper is design to look at the reality of why the universities existence has continue to suffer for funding problem. To achieve the aim of this paper, the research focused attention on politician who directly or indirectly the university rely on for their funding, therefore their knowledge of event needs to be ascertained. The paper adopts a standard literature review using immanent critic to identify problems and issues that might be overlooked by other methodology. The paper use qualitative approach with interview as the sole research instrument. Sampling criteria as purposive with the intend to focus on issues around funding. 5 past commissioner for education and 4 honourable were selected. The information provided by the 9 participants was rich in content and covers lot of area that are untouched by past research. The paper used a descriptive analysis to explain the finding in themes. The study reveals that politicians or political office holders who are expected to invest on university and education in general did not because university educators never give back meaningful or tangible contribution specifically for immediate development to the government.

Dr. Adeniyi Temitope Adetunji
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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