Wastewater treatment using attached growth batch reactor (agbr) technology

Discharge of domestic and industrial wastewater to surface or groundwater is very dangerous to the environment. Therefore treatment of any kind of wastewater to produce effluent with good quality is necessary. In this regard choosing an effective treatment system is important. Attached Growth Batch Reactor is a modification of Sequencing Batch Reactor process which has been successfully used to treat municipal and industrial wastewater .The process could be applied for nutrient removal, high biochemical oxygen demand containing industrial wastewater. Of the process advantage are single-tank configuration, small foot print, easily expandable, sample operations and low capital costs. Sewage water was collected from the River Coovam and it was filled in the reactor tank. In one single day two batches were conducted and the process were followed such as fill, react, settle and decant. Sample from decantable volume was taken and its physical and chemical test were analyzed. Physical test include TSS, colour, odour and appearance. Chemical test include BOD, COD, oil and grease and pH.

Vijay Samuel G., Dev Anand, P., Sudarshan Choudhary and Kumar Narasimhan
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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