The vertical silos of control: a short critical narrative discussion of the ascriptive structuralized inequalities at work

In 2013 having worked over a decade in the public sector I returned to my old University where I obtained my first Undergraduate Degree to study again at a more advanced level. Weary of being a little rusty after having spent ten years away from traditional academia I embarked on my part time professional doctoral degree in researching work. The process of reading carefully and writing extensively around a subject matter that has been profoundly personal to me, the study of the diasporas Bangladeshi population residing in Tower Hamlets, provided me with an epistemological set of lenses that I would deploy on my learning journey on which I would rediscover the cultural and social narrative of my own cultural capital and human capital consumption and its value and more broadly the operational value in correlation to class power and the social organization and dispensation of human capital and cultural capital .

Abdul Aziz
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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