Variation of autonomic function tests in young healthy males & females

There is much clinical evidence to suggest that the activity of autonomic nervous system varies with gender . The present study was initiated and an attempt was made to bring out the association of autonomic functions with gender .Our cardiovascular system is governed by autonomic nervous system. Since women have a lower cardiovascular risk , this study is aimed to find out gender differences in the autonomic modulation. The study was carried out for 100 people (50 males and 50 females) in the age group of 17 – 25years. Autonomic function tests are broadly divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous tests. Various autonomic function tests valsalva ratio and Handgrip test were carried out for sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The tests showed more parasympathetic activity in males and more sympathetic activity in females.

Hari Prasad, T., Sudhir Modala, Manisha Baghel and Pradeep Kumar, B. J.
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