Upcoming trend of implants in orthodontics: an overview

Orthodontic treatment with minimal patient compliance has brought up the use of implants as tools to bring out various orthodontic movements that includes distalisation of molars, symmetrical balancing of spaces, maintaining spaces without getting shift, which were considered to be difficult by conventional treatment method. Moreover, the emergence of smaller sized implants with the advantages like shortened healing period; minimally invasive placements and simplified design have made clinicians to opt over implants in the treatment of mal-occlusion. Till date, numerous studies have been published concerning different anchorage systems from the aspect of application, function, or effectiveness. This paper aims to state a brief overview of the indications, contra-indications, classification of systems available and outline on various systems and its advantages which could enlighten the clinicians about the use of implants in orthodontics.

Dr. Antony Shijoy Amaladas, Dr. P. Allen Jim Hines, Dr. K.G. Shyaram, Dr. S. Ramesh raja, Dr. Sisily Shiji Amaladas and Dr. M. Preethi Amaladas
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Int J Inf Res Re
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