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Rock art paintings in Villupuram district – A study

Villupuram district of Tamilnadu in India is rich and plenty of rock and paintings. The pioneering task was traced out by K.V. Raman, R.Pandidurai and K.T. Gandhi and has also done concrete work by documentation and photography. The present study has covered some sites where rock out painting found in Villupuram district. The symbol at Kilvalai are similar to those of Indus valley seals but these are chromatically post – dated to Indus Valley as it has horse symbols which are absent in Indeus valley civilization.

Trends in prevalence of diabetes in India and its associated factors

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic disease in the present world. Socio-economic growth and industrialization are rapidly occurring in India,the urban-rural divide in prevalence is narrowing as urbanization is spreading widely, adversely affecting the lifestyle of populations. Indians have a greater ethnic and genetic predisposition to diabetes so the younger people are also affected with diabetes. The burden of the disease is increasing and it is a costly disease for developing countries.

Impact of value congruence on employee job satisfaction: The mediating effect of person-job fit

This paper is designed to investigate the effect of Person-Organization Fit (Value Congruence) on job satisfaction. Further the role of person-job fit is assessed as a mediator between endogenous and exogenous latent constructs. The officials of Law Enforcement Agency of Jammu and Kashmir State (JKP) were the sample respondent of this study. Data was collect by personally administering the questionnaire to the sample respondents during their office hours. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), Partial Least square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) techniques were used for the analysis.

Tooth wear charts as rapid human age-group assessment methods: A review

Forensic odontologists use age estimation in forensic medicine for identification purposes of deceased victims and missing persons. Various methods have been proposed for age assessment. A tooth wear chart is one method used for initial age assessment, with both the Miles chart and Broth well chart being the most used methods. The age assessment should not be limited to one particular technique. Different, more accurate methods and repetitive measurements should be employed in most cases.

International business

In today’s ever changing scenario, business is becoming more global because technology is expanding, especially in transportation and communications with the emergence of new technologies like artificial intelligence. Governments are also removing international restrictions to encourage trade. Institutions provide services to ease the conduct of International business. Many business are upsurging for globalisation. Indeed it is paving path for many futuristic aspects such as International marketing research, International trade, global logistics, Supply Chain Management.

Groundwater prospects in kirundo District, Northern Burundi: Modeling by remote sensing and gis

The importance of groundwater is growing due to the rising demand in the Kirundo District northern part of Burundi and Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) have come as a set of modern tools in the investigation/identification of the Groundwater potential zones - an important bounty of Groundwater. The input data for this study included Geology, lineaments, drainage density, land use/land cover, soil cover, and nature of landscape and distribution of land-surface slope.

General assessment of thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh) levels among people living in south of hebron, Palestine

Introduction: Thyroid disease is a major health issue in the United States. Approximately 20 million Americans have been diagnosed or are being treated for thyroid disease. Abnormal thyroid function has important public health consequences. Suppressed thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels have been associated with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation, premature atrial beats, and stroke, and all cause mortality. Furthermore, almost one-third of the world’s population lives in areas of iodine deficiency, so iodine deficiency is the most common cause of hypothyroidism worldwide.

Leadership concepts, theories, styles, practices and principles for institutional development in sierra leone

Most companies have leaders with strong operational skills needed to maintain the status quo. However, they face a critical deficit. They lack people in positions of power with the appropriate know-how, experience, and confidence required to tackle what management scientists call “wicked problems.” Such problems can’t be solved by a single command. They have courses that seem incomprehensible and solutions that seem uncertain that often require companies to transform the way they do business.

Biological decolourisation of textile effluent and heavy metal reduction of tannery effluents

The effluents released from textile and tanning industry poses a major concern pertaining specifically to environmental pollution. Evident contamination of water bodies as a result of continuous release of the effluents has proven to very toxic. The use of microbes plays a major role in decolorisation and heavy metal reduction of effluents (approximately 80-85%). Five microbial isolates such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Psuedomonas fluoroscens and Escherichia coli were found to give successful results.

Impact of information and communication technology on higher education in India

It is said that “knowledge is power”. In the case of our nation which was once known for its grand status of “Vishwa Guru” is again ready to emerge as knowledge super power in the world by transforming our population into knowledge enabled working population. The gradual process of human socialization takes place by the affection of parents and interaction with society. In this process, education plays a very vital role and transforms a biological man who is guided by instincts into a sociological man who is known for his thoughts and culture.