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Visual Object Speech Recognitionfor Isolated Arabic Words

Due to the increasing demands for the symbiosis between human and robots, humanoid robots (HRs) are expected to offer the perceptual capabilities as analogous as human being. One challenge of HRs is its capability of communication with people. Recently, the author presented a novel system for the visual speech recognition. The visual recognition problem is central to computer vision research. This article views first algorithm for Arabic visual object speech recognition.

Preliminary phytochemical and invitro- antimicrobial analysis of aeglemarmelos (l.) correa leaf extract

The present study was undertaken to evaluate the preliminary phytochemical constitution and invitro-antimicrobial activity of Aeglemarmelos (L.) Correa leaf extract. Preliminary phytochemical screening of the freshly prepared plant leaf extract showed the presence of alkaloids, tannins, saponins, flavonoids, glycosides, phenolic compounds, terpenoids and steroids.

The structure property relationship of a homologous series of 4–alkenyl bicyclohexylnitrile compounds

The method of symmetry breaking potential and first order cluster expansion technique for the partition functions adopted for the theory of ordering in liquid crystals has been extended to symmetric and asymmetric molecules. The order parameter is calculated as a function of temperature and packing coefficient as a function of position of double bond in alkenyl chain length for homologous series of 4–alkenyl bicyclohexylnitrile Compounds.

The yield gap analysis and impact of technological changes in soybean production in maharashtra state

Soybean possesses a very high nutritional value along with high yield potential. It contains about 40% high quality protein and 20% oil. The present study was carried out to know,the yield gap analysis and impact of technological changes in soybean production in Maharashtra state. The technological and input use difference between for soybean contributed to form the total productivity difference of 25.78 per cent, whereas, the contribution of technological change to total change in output alone was estimated to be 17.40 per cent.

Education standard amongst minorities of Jharkhand: Problems and remedies

The state of Jharkhand emerged from the Southern area of Bihar as the 28th state in the year 2000. The state is rich in Mines, Infrastructure materials and other resources. The Hindus form the majority class of the state and the Muslims (14.5%) and Christianity (4.3%) come under the category of minorities. Education level of any society reflects the prosperity of the state as well. In India, few state are leading in the education system while some still lag behind. The data of Education status of Jharkhand, reflects, that as regards to percentage, the Muslims, are in a quite good position.

First evidence of aggregating sea anemone, anthopleura elegantissima (brandt, 1835) from the saurashtra coast, Gujarat

This communication reports the first documentation of the Actiniarian, Anthopleura elegantissima (Brand, 1835) which was found at mid littoral zone of Vadodra jhala, Saurashtra coast of Gujarat. Till date there are no records available on this species and its aggregation form in Indian waters. Interestingly, this species of anemone Anthopleura elegantissima known particularly for its aggressiveness, also display acrorhagi on contact with members of the same or other species.

Optimization of scheduling algorithms for load balancing using hybrid approach

Nowadays load balancing has become a popular platform for scientific applications. Load balancing intends to share many number of hardware resources as like equipment’s for record and calculations, and information and knowledge data for scientific researches over cloud computing. Load balancing algorithm is one of the most challenging theoretical issues in the computing field. How we can utilize computing resources very effectively and increase user satisfaction with load balancing system is one of the calculating service provider’s main issues.

Risk factors associated with infertility among sudanese women in khartoum state 2013

Background: Female infertility either primary or secondary type is a multifactorial condition. It constitutes a worldwide public health problem that has gained much concern during the past two decade. Causes and risk factors of infertility can be classified into: genital, endocrinal, developmental and general factors .Overall aim of the study was to identify the risk factors of infertility among Sudanese women.

Runtime thermal management based on a novel task migration technique in 3d chip multiprocessors

The Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs) architecture moves from multi-core to many-core architecture to provide higher computing performance, and more reliable systems. Moreover, the CMPs trend also move from 2D CMPs to 3D CMPs architecture in order to obtain higher performance, more reliability, reduced cache access latency, and increased cache bandwidth when compared with 2D CMPs. Therefore, in this work we present a 3D many-core CMP architecture which executes heavy loaded tasks in order to improve the system performance.

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