A study of prevailing sanitation, methods of waste disposal and personal hygiene of the food handlers of registered hotels in Kakinada, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

Objectives: 1)To study the sanitation and waste disposal in the registered hotels 2)To study the personal hygiene of food handlers working in these hotels. Materials and methods: Study design: Cross-sectional, Study sample: 10(20%) registered hotels (total registered are 52) and all the workers present at the time of the visit in these hotels (110). A pre-tested questionnaire was used to carry out the study. Data analysed by Epi info 2000. Arbitrary weighed scoring system was devised for assessing the sanitation. Statistical tests include chi-square. Results: Waste disposal is found good only in 20% of the hotels. Sanitation is not found to be good in any of the hotels observed. Only 50% of the hotels have an above average sanitation and waste disposal. Most (72%) of the workers belong to <35yrs age group. 2.7%of the workers were aged less than 14years, 70% are males and 30% are females. More than 1/3rd (37%) were illiterate. Majority (71%) of the workers belong to schedule caste and tribes. Conclusion: In the present study only 20% had good infrastructure. Sanitation and waste disposal is above average in 50%of the hotels. Good personal hygiene is found in only 20% of the workers. Child labour practice was observed (2.7%). Personal hygiene is found to be directly associated with SES, educational status and age of the workers. None of the workers received any medical checkup in the past 6 months. Only 2% of the workers received de worming treatment.

Prasad, K.V.S., Sujatha, P. and Ratna Uma
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