Study of palaeolithic archaeology using gis: a case study from kuliana block of Mayurbhanj District in Odisha

A number sporadic works on various aspect of Mayurbhanj Paleolithic culture are made by different archeologist/ anthropologist. In this search extensive filed exploration is done by mix with GIS expert and anthropologist, resulted in the discovery of kalabadia, kuliana, kamta, and Kuchei Paleolithic sites. The study area is primary in nature and has preserved habitatical deposits. Hand-axe, choppers, Scrappers are made of Quartzite are belong to the Paleolithic period. There are two Departments Remote Sensing and GIS (Geographical Information System) and Anthropology and Tribal Study under the North Orissa University, which are close to each other and made a plan for the research work. By using GIS tool and Google Earth for the analysis of location and distribution of Paleolithic stone tools was done.The accuracy of digital map, landscape of the site, location of the site, GIS tool is useful for this research. Summary made by the authors at interesting and interpreting the data recovered from the site.

Dr. Champak Kumar Sahu, Mr. Debabrata Nandi and Johnson Kant
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