A study to assess the effectiveness of nursing intervention in preventing the complications of immobility among orthopedic patients of smvmch, puducherry, in terms of deep vein thrombosis, pressure ulcer, improving the rom

The present study was conducted among 30 orthopedic patients in SMVMCH, Puducherry. A quantitative approach, clinical trial is used for this study. The study samples were selected by using convenient sampling technique. The data was collected by using checklist. The findings reveals that the among 30 samples moderate 8 (26.7%), severe 22 (73.3%) level of deep vein thrombosis and pressure ulcer 26 (86.7%) of them had mild level pressure ulcer, 4 (13.3%) of them had moderate levelof pressure ulcer.

Dr. Danasu, R., Sunandha, T. and Yamunambigai, M.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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