Studies on ethanolic extract of cynodon dactylon and their effect on aflatoxin intoxicated albino rats

Aflatoxin is an environmental toxicant which frequently contaminates foodstuffs in different parts of the world. The present investigation was an attempt to evaluate the possible ameliorative effects of Cynodon dactylon on aflatoxins induced serological and biochemical changes in liver of rats. In the current study, toxicity was developed by oral administration of aflatoxin at a dose of (500 µg/kg body weight) for 30 days in rats. C. dactylon (500 mg/kg body weight) was given simultaneously for 30 days. Administration of C. dactylon lowered the level of lipid peroxidation and enhanced the antioxidant status of animal. It can be concluded that the C. dactylon acts as an effective drugs playing an important role in reduction of hepatotoxicity. In conclusion, C. dactylon was found to be safe and successful agent counteracting the aflatoxins toxicity and protected against the toxicity induced by aflatoxin. However, it suggests that a dose adjustment may be necessary to optimize the effects in clinical settings.

Ramamurthy, V., Anil Kumar, H.V. and Raveendran, S.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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