Studies on the electrical characteristics of an argon dc glow discharge

Electrical characteristics of a DC glow discharge are studied with the aim of determining the suitable parameters for stable operation of the plasma system. Argon plasma produced by DC glow discharge is investigated with a further goal of studying plasma phenomena, when addition a small amount of argon gas can significantly change the plasma characteristics. The discharge system has two disc-shaped parallel plate electrodes. The electrodes are enclosed in a large cylindrical glass chamber filled with argon gas. Two important physical parameters affecting the condition of the discharge are the gas pressure and the inter-electrode distance. The discharge current-voltage (I-V) characteristic curves of the discharge and Panchen's curves were measured at different working pressure and inter-electrode spacing, The Paschen curves in Ar gas show that thebreakdown voltage between two electrodes is a function of pd (The product of the pressure inside the chamber and distance between the electrodes). Current-voltage characteristics visualization of the discharge indicate that the discharge is operating in the abnormal glow region. The I-V characteristics of argon gas discharge were deduced as a plasma system operated in abnormal glow discharge region, which is very important parameter in sputtering deposition. Also the discharge current was increased for argon plasma discharge with the increasing of the working pressure lead to increase the deposition rate.

Ahmed K. Abbas, Mohammed K. Khalaf and Laith K.Athab
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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