Structural evidence for slip partitioning and inclined dextral transpression in the high zagros belt: aligoudarz area, NW Iran

The High Zagros belt is a portion of the external zone of the Zagros orogenic belt. Structures of the High Zagros belt in the Aligoudarz area (NW Iran) are consistent with dextral transpressional deformation, which is related to the oblique collision between the African–Arabian continent and the Iranian microcontinent. The High Zagros belt in this area consists of NW-striking, dextral strike-slip Fault (Main Recent Fault) that are linked with imbricate fans and oblique-slip thrusts. Quantitative kinematic structural analyses suggest localized shear zones deformed with a significant pure shear component. Spatial Shear zones indicators are well developed in the Aligoudarz area and indicate shear zone parallel stretching and shear zone perpendicular shortening. The occurrence of a horizontal stretching component parallel to the deformation zone boundary allows a kinematic model of combined transpression and lateral extrusion for this part of the Zagros orogeny.

Ahmad Azizi, Soheila Bouzari, Ali Yassaghi, Mohsen Pourkermani
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