A single server retrial queueing system with two types of arrivals and finite number of recurrent repeated customers

A retrial queueing system with two types of arrivals and recurrent calls has been considered. Type I customers arrive in batches of size k with probabilities and type II customers arrive singly according to two Poisson processes with rates and respectively. The retrial orbit consists of transit type II customers and a fixed number recurrent customers. Service times distributions are identical independent distributions (transit and recurrent) and are different for type I customers and the customers from the orbit, where as the retrial time for both transit and recurrent customers are independently and exponentially distributed with different rates. The customer served by a single server. For this model, the join distribution of the number customers of type I, type II and recurrent in closed form has been obtained. Some particular models and operating characteristics are obtained. A numerical study is also carried out.

Kalyanaraman, R.
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