Significance of mold filling analysis for finding optimal material based on gate location in injection molding process for plastic parts

Due to heavy increase in demand for more and more plastic products, plastic industries are developing in a fastest level. Plastic injection molding begins with mould making and then manufacturing of complex shapes; the optimum gate location is one of the most important criterions in mould design. Mold Flow analysis is a powerful simulation tool to optimize the gate location and to predict the Production time and other required factors that are related to the material of the plastic part at the lowest possible cost. Optimization of sequence occasion, keep away from scrap and manual interface plays a vital role in manufacturing of plastic parts to improve the productivity of the process and at the time it should not disturb the quality of the final product. This paper describes the influence of gate location and plastic material influence through a repeated number of analyses which is carried out by plastic injection molding module present in the design software called Autodesk Inventor Professional to reduce fill time and other parameters. The process parameters like fill time, shrinkage, weld lines, pressure drop, and air traps are analyzed by simulation in successive trials. From this paper we are showing the influence of the plastic material and also the gate location on the above mentioned parameters.

Subba Rao, D., Malleswar Rao, J. N. and Rakesh, P.
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