Sesame oil cake (sesamum indicum) on the performance of broiler starter

An experiment was conducted to study the effect of feeding sesame oil cake by replacing protein concentrate mixture on the performance of broiler starter (0-3 weeks). Day-old chicks (n = 240), randomly allotted to eight treatment groups in duplicate of fifteen chicks each, were used in the study of 3 weeks. The sesame oil cake was included at different levels viz., 0(T1), 5(T2), 7.5(T3), 10(T4), 12.5(T5), 15(T6), 17.5(T7) and 20% (T8) in broiler starter rations by replacing the protein concentrate mixture (PC) containing soyabean meal (30%), groundnut deoiled cake (25%), rice polish (41%) and rice bran oil (4%) on part by part basis in an isocaloric and isonitrogenous broiler starter (0-3 weeks) mashes. At the end of 3 weeks, the mean weight gain and feed efficiency were 434, 433, 455, 479, 485, 498, 488, and 451g; and 1.44, 1.45, 1.45, 1.45, 1.42, 1.47, 1.46, and 1.53, respectively. There was a linear increase in weight gain as the level of sesame oil cake increased from 0-15% and the weight gain (g) was significantly (P<0.01) higher in 15% sesame oil cake inclusion level (498 g) compared to control group (434 g). The overall feed efficiency and protein efficiency ratio (PER) among the treatment groups were statistically similar. Therefore, it could be concluded that inclusion of sesame oil cake up to 15% level in broiler starter ration was found to be advantageous without affecting the weight gain, feed intake, feed efficiency and protein efficiency ratio.

Yasothai, R.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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