A secure mobile commerce using random least significant bit steganography algorithm

M-business is one of the major branches of e-business. The maintenance money industry is among the main divisions in receiving and using the Internet and portable innovation on shopper markets. Portable managing an account is a subset of electronic managing an account which under lies not just the determinants of the managing an account business additionally the extraordinary states of portable business. The advancement of electronic managing an account and portable managing an account administrations by means of different channels has made it conceivable to make new sorts of included quality for clients. Be that as it may, in resentment of their preferences, both are confronting a few difficulties as well. One of these difficulties is the issue of security of these frameworks. This paper presents security of these frameworks utilizing Arbitrary LSB steganography and cryptography system. The proposed strategy is more protected and secure as opposed to utilizing either steganography or cryptographic strategy. This paper shows secure and imperceptible correspondence in M-keeping money and in addition e-saving money

Sridhar, K., Dr. Suresh Babu, D. and Dr. Venugoapl, T.
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