Rural women’s role in agricultural and allied activities: A study of Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh

Alcohol is not a single, simple explanation for why some individuals develop problems with alcohol. One of the central findings of the large body of research that has examined the psychosocial causes, or etiology of alcohol use is that there are multiple pathways to behavior that involves alcohol consumption The study involves qualitative research approach and descriptive research design was adopted. The study was conducted in selected villages, puducherry .50 samples of children’s of alcoholics were selected for the study.50 children’s were selected for the study by using convenient sampling technique for age group 6-12 years of children. It reveals that the mean value are 18.4 with the standard deviation of 25.74 and the ‘t’ value 0.715.which is statistically significant. Out of 50 samples none of them has normal level, 11% of them has mild psychosocial problem, 50% of them has moderate psychosocial problem, 28% of them has severe psychosocial problem. The overall result shows that significant and non-significant relationship with the demographic variables the level of p<0.05.

Dr. Danasu, R., Chandrujothi and Manohari, K.
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