Role of women in farm decision making

Agriculture is the main occupation as far as its potential prospects in India are concerned. Progress of agriculture will help for rural reconstruction and development. From time immemorial, women played different roles in their home activities as wives in their personal lives with their husbands, as mothers in their responsibilities for the development of their children and as home makers’ in-charge of the operation of their homes. In addition, women also played a pivotal role in agriculture and livestock management. In modern agriculture too, women continued to share a number of farm operations with men. So the present study was conducted to assess the role of women in farm decision making in Chakur and Nilanga tahsils of Latur district. The results proved that majority (60.00 per cent) of the respondents played medium role in farm decision making while 20.83 per cent and 19.17 per cent of the respondents played low and high role in farm decision making, respectively.

Landge, R.G., Deshmukh, J.M. and Suradkar, D.D.
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