Rediscovering traditional methods for purification of water using important medicinal plants

Natural plant extracts have been used for water purification for many centuries. Most of these extracts are derived from the seeds, leaves, pieces of bark or sap, roots and fruit extracts of trees and plants. For example, Strychnos potatorum (nirmalī), Moringa oleifera were used as a purifier between the 14th and 15th centuries BC according to the Sanskrit treatise (śāstra) “suśṛta saṃhitā”. References are available in ancient manuscripts but not in practice because our people have forgotten our glorious past. An attempt is made to understand properties of medicinal plants which help to purify water. In 'suśṛta saṃhitā' Combination of nine common medicinal plants mentioned to purify water. Use of medicinal plants ash, mixed with alum cleanses water while retaining its natural benefits. Low cost alternative traditional technologies can replace the complicated and expensive water purifiers, so that people from developing countries are assured of pure potable water, free of all pathogens and toxic substances

Dr. Siva Panuganti and Kshama Awasthi
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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