This journal will only publish high quality studies and original research, after a rigorous evaluation through a double blind peer review process.


Submit only the original manuscript that contains new ideas, research, data, etc
Prevent duplicate submission of manuscripts
Submit only the manuscript that is no longer considered for publication by other journals and has not previously been published
Present only real information, without intervening in any way in the collection or processing the data used in the research, without changing the results of the research. If there are suspicions of plagiarism, suspicions that the authors tried to influence research and change data, etc editors may request the submission of all data elements underlying the research (questionnaires, tests, etc.)
Present the entire study in one manuscript
Specify all authors who have contributed significantly to the manuscript and to disclose the identity of all contributors who does not fulfill the authorship criteria
Disclose all sources of information used for the research manuscript
Disclose information about financial support and about any potential conflict of interest
Respect IJIRR Ethical Principles for Authors
Notify editors in case of any major errors or inaccuracy discovered in his/her own article and cooperate with them in order to make necessary corrections or to retract the article
To ask permission from IJIRR in order to reproduce parts from an article or to republish any material published by IJIRR. At the moment of publishing, the author transfers exclusive publication rights to IJIRR.


Provide original, accurate, complete academic research
Provide Professional and Ethical Standards for journals
Adopt impartial selection process for publishing, based on reviewers recommendation
Ensure the confidentiality of manuscripts
Detect any errors in published article and to publish corrections
Retract any published article in case of fraud
Respect IJIRR Ethical Principles for Editors
Disclose any conflict of interest


Inform the editor, in case that he/she is not qualified for the manuscript distributed by editor
Keep confidential all the information from manuscripts. Reviewers will not use any data, theories, conclusion of the manuscript for their own purpose and will not reveal this information to anyone.
Not ask information about the identity of the author, the author name will remained confidential
Disclose any conflict of interests to the editor before starting the review process
Evaluate the manuscript based on content without taking into account the authors’ ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, political orientation, etc
Provide clear and concise information to the authors in order to improve the manuscript
Provide additional information in case that their recommendation for the manuscript is “not to publish”
Ask permission to the editor in case they need another certified opinion. It is mandatory to present detailed information about these persons to meet deadlines imposed by publishers


Provide support for editors, reviewers and for editorial board members
Increase the quality and the visibility of the journal
Protect intellectual property and copyright