Public private partnership regulations, (2009) implementation and organizational performance of Kenyan state corporations

In Kenya, Public Private Partnerships Regulations (PPPR) were first gazetted on 10th March, 2009, with the aim to enhancing economic stimulation; promoting investment and creation of value for money. However, the success of the public private partnerships (PPPs) is yet to be realized in many state corporations because of non implementation of PPPR, (2009). The major challenges that affect implementation of the PPPs include supplier identification, supplier selection and evaluation, supplier performance management, supplier relationship management and project monitoring and evaluation. The main objective of this study was to determine the contribution of the Public Private Partnerships Regulations, (2009) implementation on organizational performance of Kenyan state corporations. The study applied a survey research design with a target population of 187 state corporations as per the list of the Taskforce on Parastatal Reforms (2013). The study sample comprised 250 procurement staff and 60 Accounting officers from 125 state corporations. Simple random sampling was used to select the respondents from the five functional categories. The main data collection instrument was the questionnaire that contained both open ended and close ended questions and interview guides. The questionnaire was pilot tested on five entities that helped to improve the instrument while exploratory factor analysis was used to extract factors with reliability value of 0.70. Factor loadings that were less than 0.70 were discarded. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple linear regressions. The study results indicated a significant relationship between PPPR, (2009) implementation and organizational performance of state corporations. Study concluded that implementation of PPPR, (2009) contributes significantly to the performance of state corporations. The study recommended that for effective implementation of PPPs, there is a clear need for the public sector funding to be increased in an integrated programmatic partnership to attract and sustain resources and the interest of the private sector in order to accelerate development through sustainable public development.

Pamela Marendi Getuno, Zachary Bolo Awino, Dr. Patrick K. Ngugi and Dr. Florence Ondieki- Mwaura
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