Public opinion mining for government scheme advertisement

Nowadays, central and state governments allocates/spends heavy budget for advertising schemes. It is also necessary to advertising new schemes in order to utilizing those schemes promptly and effectively by the people. But the main problem is our country has different kinds of educational background, habitation of people (rural/urban/tribal) and etc., hence the same type of advertisement for scheme will not be suitable for all kind of people. The advertisement will reach one sector of society, while the other sector may not know about that scheme or they will know latterly, because of the advertisement of the medium (Printed/Television/Social)In order to overcome this problem, in this paper concentrate on public opinion to find better best advertisement mechanism for the government schemes. This paper focuses on data mining techniques like association rules and correlation rules to mine public opinion. Here Association rule is used to find the interesting relationships in the data set that collected from the people.

Prabhakar, E., Parkavi, R., Sandhiya, N. and Ambika, M.
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