Psychological well-being at work place – supportive interventions

Over the last few years’ major changes have taken place in the workplace. These changes have radically transformed the very nature of work, the work environment and expectations from both employer and employee. The workplace transitions have to be taken into account so as to realize the kind of impact this could have on employee well being. The focus would be on issues that are current concerns for organizations and employees. Stress is a normal part of everyday life that none can avoid. Failure, setbacks, and disappointment are all part and parcel of life. These everyday situations have the potential to be very stressful. Elimination of stress may not be possible, but how it is perceived, and the response, can go a long way in reducing the negative impact. This impacts the personal front, which has a ripple effect on the individuals work life balance, relationships, self- confidence are some of the many areas. Specific to some industries the environments do not help with a balanced life style but also have environments of high stress and pressure, of having targets to be met and deadlines to be reached. Supportive interventions help individuals at being more productive and happier, and organisations also gain to having better environment, which lead to bigger profits. These interventions benefit both employee well-being and organizational effectiveness. The Life Coach / Mentor intervention, is a double-edged sword which completely empowers employees to be more holistic and enthusiastic. The importance of looking within oneself and checking for correction rather than always wanting change from the outside can also be achieved. Healthy competition, teamwork, leadership and persuasive communication, procrastination, blame game can be addressed comfortably. This paper will focus on the important interventions for the psychological well being of the workforce. The author will be dealing with general concepts, philosophies, theories and models, principle and experience sharing.

Divina Maria Dcosta
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