A prospective study on the efficacy of cisplatin and etoposide combination chemotherapy in patients with malignant gonadal germ cell tumors

Malignant gonadal germ cell tumors are the rare malignant tumors .It occurs in young individuals at the peak of their reproductive life between 18- 45yrs. First line therapy with three and four drugs regimen increases the survival of 80-90% with increased drug induced toxicity. Two drug regimen with cisplatin and etoposide results in improved survival rate with reduced drug induced morbidity. The study was carried out in a tertiary care hospital for a period of 21 months. Twenty six patients were selected and six patients were excluded. Prior to treatment all patients were evaluated with basic investigations. α FP and β HCG were estimated before and after chemotherapy. Cisplatin 20mg /m² and Etoposide 75mg/m² was given daily for five consecutive days at an interval of 21 days in four cycles. patients were observed for adverse effects during the course of therapy. Response was evaluated by evidence of regression of the documented tumors and measuring serum tumor markers level .In this study 85% of patients were responded completely to the treatment and side effects were also less during chemotherapy and the follow up period. 5% were partial responders and 10% were non responders. They were recommended for alternative therapy.

Sudha, R., Navajothi, R. and Muthukumarasamy, P.K.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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