Productivity, vitamins and heavy met als analysis of pleurotusostreatus (jacq: fr) kumm. fruitbodies cultivated on wood logs

This research was conducted to determine the productivity, vitamins and heavy met als presence in Pleurotusostreatus (Jacq: Fr) Kumm, fruitbodies cultivated on different wood logs. Pure mycelium culture of P. ostreatus was aseptically multipliedby grain-to-grain transfer using sorghum grains. Fully colonized spawn was used to inoculate Mangiferaindica, Dacryodesedulis and Treculiaafricana logs and incubated in the dark at 27±2oC.Fruit body primordia were first observed in D. edulis followed by T. africana and M. indicawas the least.M. indica woodlogs gave the highest yield (245.8100g/kg) of P. ostreatus fruit bodies among other wood log substrates. Vitamin contents were significantly high in P. ostreatus cultivated on D. eduliswood logs. P. ostreatus cultivated on all the log substrates accumulated copper more than every other heavy met als analyzed. The vitamins and heavy met als contents in P. ostreatuson various log substrates were significantly different (P≤0.05). Cultivation of P. ostreatus on M. indicawood logs produced reasonable quantity of mushroom. Therefore, the use of wood logs should not be used as fuel wood only since it was found to boast mushroom production especially P. ostreatus.

Nwoko, M. C., Onyeizu, U. R., Chukunda, F.A. and Ukoima, H.N.
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Int J Inf Res Rev.
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