Product potentials of an improved sweet potato ketchup in ifugao

This experimental study is focused in the evaluation of the product potentials of sweet potato ketchup in Ifugao. It seeks to determine the acceptability of its appearance, smell/aroma, taste, texture and shelf life span. The experiment consists of eight treatments using four different varieties of sweet potato and two production process to assess the best sweet potato ketchup. Questionnaires were randomly distributed to the evaluators to assess its potentials. Using the mean to evaluate each of the treatments acceptability and marketability the study arrived at these findings. It reveals that the dry white sweet potato has the longest shelf life span and that dried sweet potato has a longer shelf life span than the boiled potato. However, boiled sweet potato has the highest extent of acceptability or the highest overall liking of the sweet potato ketchup treatments. It also reveals that boiled sweet potato obtains the highest marketability rate than dried sweet potato.

Moses B. Appoy
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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