Preliminary study of phytoplankton diversity in river naramada valley of jabalpur region (M.P.)

The river Narmada velly is one of the major hot spot for aquabiodiversity in India. The presented study is conducted on the variable account of Phytoplankton. A total 30 algal taxa belonging to 16 genera have been collected and identified. Chlorophyceae was the most diverse class having 12 taxa followed by Bacillariophyceae with 7 taxas. The algal communities correlated with water pollution. The algal community correlated with water pollution. The total biodiversity shows a drastic decrement caused by globalization and human interference in the nature. Present studies examined the potential for algal bio-monitoring across a gradient of agriculturally impacted streams.

Reeta Solanki and Arjun Shukla
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