Perceptions of uncivil behaviour in classroom and clinical environment in a dental college

Aim: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the differences in perceptions of uncivil student behaviour by students in different years of study and staff members from various departments in a dental college. Materials and Methods: A survey was conducted in a dental college, Manguluru, and Karnataka. A total of 175 students and 25 faculty members participated in the study. A questionnaire comprising of various questions on uncivil student behaviour in the classroom, college and clinical environments were given and all the participants were asked to answer each question with a response (Yes /No). The data was subjected to statistical analysis. Results: The obtained responses from the students were similar to the faculty response whereas the behaviour of the students considered civil by the students was considered as uncivil by the faculty. In faculty response, statistically significant differences were found for using a cellphone in class, attending late to class, being unprepared to class as uncivil classroom behaviours. In student's response, statistically significant differences were seen with reluctant to answer, making offensive gestures, arriving late to class, challenging in class as uncivil behaviours. The present study also showed statistically significant differences in gender among students. Conclusion: The present study concluded that uncivil student behaviour varies with the age, gender and cultural background of the students. The common cause of incivility is stressful situations in the college and clinics. By observing what students perceive as civil and uncivil faculty can take prior measures to reduce challenging behaviour by students. It is always acceptable to consider views of both faculty and student opinions on Uncivil behaviour

Aditya Shetty, Anish Kumar Lagisetti, Raksha Bhat, Mithra. N. Hegde, Priyadarshini Hegde and Chitharanjan Shetty
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