Perception of ethical issues, hassle in undergraduate medical and dental education

Ethics are an accepted code of conduct that encompasses both professional conduct and opinion. Ethics, as a branch, is a study of what is right and good with respect to character and conduct. As with any profession that deals with human rights and liberties, health care professionals have a responsibility to their patients. The ethical concerns can be faced by the health care professionals at any stage from diagnosis to treatment of a disease. Ethics affect virtually every decision made by the health care professional. For this reason, they should be aware of ethical principles during their professional career. An unethical decision gravely compromises the ability of the health care professional to deliver service to his or her patients and undermines the ability as a professional. With this in mind, the present study was conducted to assess the knowledge and attitude of dental and medical students towards ethical issues in Nagpur city.

Dr. Surekha Rathod, Dr. Grishmi Niswade and Dr. Aishwarya S Ikhar
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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