Optimization of pleurotus platypus through carbon utilization in lignin degradation

White rot fungus, Pleurotus platypus are a well known lignin degrader, was examined for its optimum growth conditions such as pH and temperature as well as carbon sources (glucose, sucrose, maltose and mannitol). For the maximum growth of Pleurotus platypus the 7 day incubation period was required at pH 5.0 Pleurotus platypus has an optimum temperature of 20-30°C with the maximum growth of 40.5 mm on the day 9 and the growth rate was 6 mm per day. The optimum pH for the growth of Pleurotus platypus was pH 6-7. The experiments on different carbon sources by Pleurotus platypus indicated that increasing concentration of carbon sources increased the fungal growth and induced the enzyme production. At 25mm concentration. of sources in basal medium induced the maximum production (35.1 U/L) of lignin peroxidase. Evidently the carbon source remarkably induced the lignin peroxidase and decreased the laccase, Pleurotus platypus was reported to be a better degrader of raw coconut coir pith with higher bioefficiency

Gayathiri, E., Bharathi, B., Natarajan, S., Selvadhas, S. and Kalaikandhan, S.
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Int J Inf Res Rev.
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