Online human resourcesrecruitment

The purpose of this critical analysis is to present an initial conceptual investigation on online recruitment and the role of social network sites (hereafter SNWs) during the process. Particularly, the aim is to identify if companies use social media sites during their recruitment processes to captivate, screen and select applicants. Various elements guided the research: the use of social media site to captivate and select applicants; the legal implication of e-recruitment and social network sites screening; and the possibility of using e-recruitment as the sole hiring strategy for human resources professionals. Furthermore, the information generated through the literature review, indicates that Job search is one of the many reasons why people join and use SNWs, another advantage of SNWs is the ease of promoting the company image through e-recruiting shows a more innovative, and flexible strategy that may help captivate young talents and passive professional employees with skills that could drive the company into the new century, taking full advantage of the constantly evolving technology.

Mr. Emanuel Rivera-Nieves, Mrs. Janice A. Martínez-Bezares and Dr. ÁngelM. Ojeda-Castro
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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