Nutritional knowledge, attitude and practices of medical students at university of science and technology (girls' branch in sana'a, 2015)

Human nutrition refers to the provision of essential nutrients necessary to support human life and health.Poor eating habits and lack of nutritional knowledge are important public health issues that have serious health implications. It is well recognized that university students have poor dietary habits which may become hard to break once acquired. Individuals who have basic nutrition knowledge and attitude apply these principles when selecting foods. Therefore, improving nutrition knowledge, attitude and dietary practices through nutritional education may help to prevent nutritional related diseases. The purpose of the study is to asses nutrition knowledge, attitudes and practices among medical students at university of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine&Health Sciences(Girls' Branch in Sana'a, 2015). The results revealed that 58% of the students had their nutrition knowledge from the media. The nutritional knowledge among the students was good regarding some aspects as food contain the three macronutrients(carbqohydrates fat and protein), but it was poor in other aspects as the problems related to low intake of fruits and vegetables(73.2%), (56%) didn't know the source of vitamin B12 and iron. Forty eight percent, (48%) didn't know which foods contain more fibers and 24 %of students didnot know which foods rich in calcium.Nutritional attitude revealed that 45% of the students found difficulty in making healthy food choices at the university cafeteria, 39% of them stated that , it was very hard to find time to plan a healthy diet, while only21% of students attempted to eat healthy diets . Referring to nutrition practices 72% of the students didinot follow any diets and none of them were on a sodium restricted diet., The most skipped meal among the students was the breakfast (64%), only 6% didnot skip meals, 70% of the students drank one or less glasses of water daily and only 7% drank 8 or more, The present study concluded that existing health and nutrition education to the students was not sufficient to make their practice healthly. Knowledge, attitude, and practice of the students on healthy eating should be improved through nutrition education program.

Dr. Somiya Gutbi Salim
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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