Mysterious prevalence of dental fluorosis in waghdhara

Context: There are various regions in India that have high levels of fluoride in drinking water sources. Many people residing in such places suffer from dental fluorosis (DF). Aims: To evaluate the etiology for the wide spread prevalence of DF in children residing in Waghdhara village in vidharbha region of Maharashtra and also to find any correlation between DF and other related parameters. Materials and Methods: Data was acquired through interview & clinical examination using Dean’s fluorosis index. Water samples were collected at different location and area & Samples were sent to National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) for analysis in laboratory for fluoride concentration. Results: Drinking Water fluoride levels were surprisingly within the normal range as prescribed by BIS: 10500 -2012. Conclusion: Fluoride concentrations of all drinking water samples are well within the permissible limits as prescribed by BIS and WHO & hence this study ruled out Drinking water fluoride as an etiological source of dental fluorosis in this geographical area. In order to explain high levels of fluorosis prevalent in the people of these region further studies are underway to determine the true possible cause.

Dr. Atram Harish, K., Dr. Jakati Sanjeev, V., Dr. Hazarey, P.V. and Dr. AchintChachada
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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