Methods of teaching the arabic linguistics by applying the method al-tawlidiah “atawmandmgg” to non-arabic speaking students in the universities of Malaysia

This study was to examine the teaching of Arabic linguistic skills to apply the method of "Al-Tawlidiah" “ATaWMandMgg” to students who are not speaking Arabic as a first linguistics at four universities in Malaysia. This method is the main pedagogical principles to ensure that teaching and learning of Arabic linguistics place effectively. Researchers to build 319 items for the questionnaire uses five sub-scales based on the method of “ATaWMandMgg” to build using positive statements. Respondent to respond according to the five Liker scale. Sub-scale questionnaire comprises lectures, methods of studying the Arabic linguistic (ALM), speaking in Arabic (ASS), Arabic listening skills (ALS), reading in Arabic (ARS), and Arabic writing skills (AWS).

Asma Abdul Rahman
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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