Looking nursing administration in today’s perspective

This article describes the roles and responsibilities of nurse administrators. It also highlights the constraints and the strategies a nurse administrator should adopt. The success of the patient care and the reputation of the hospital depend to a large extent on the efficiency and the tender loving care extended by the nursing staff. Ensuring high level of nursing care is therefore a big challenge for the hospital administrator. Nurses constitute a large portion of the total number of employees in any hospital. The sheer magnitude of the nursing department necessitates strict compliance with the conventional principles of organizational structure and function. Although the job of nurse managers is stressful, the question arises are nurse managers working in our current healthcare settings, with their constant change and complexity, realistically able to attend to the dimension of the role that includes being employee oriented with a focus on relationships, building teamwork, and employee identification with the organization? The purpose of the article is to benefit the nursing service administration keeping in mind the current scenario in nursing administration.

Mrs. Esther S. Joseph
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