The lidocaine patch- can it help patients tolerate long term intubation

Objective: To relieve the discomfort caused by an endotracheal tube in situ, which is a major concern in the management critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation. To facilitate ventilation, avoid increased airway pressures due to agitation, and minimize the risk of self extubation, critically ill intubated patients need to be given adequate sedation. Sedation and analgesics when given facilitates the mechanical ventilation but tend to affect the sensorium. Data Sources: ICU Team, Medical Record. Study Selection: Selected intubated patients requiring sedation. Data Synthesis: This case series reviews results from three patients with an endotracheal tube in situ that had a superior laryngeal nerve block via a lidocaine patch to evaluate if it results in improved tolerance of an endotracheal tube. Conclusions: Prospective studies evaluating the efficacy of the lidocaine patch for improved comfort of intubated patients should be considered.

George W. Williams, Aanchal Sharma, Golby Jalali, PharmD, Dr. Bilal A. Rana, Mahammad N Hussain,
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