The length weight relationship and condition factor of the thinlip mullet liza ramada and the flathead grey mullet mugilcephalus (mugilidae) fishes from ain el-ghzala lagoon, eastern libya

A random sample of 90 fish of two Mugilidae species (Liza ramada, and Mugilcephalus) was taken from Ain El-Ghazala lagoon, Eastern Libya during September 2013 – August 2014. The length-weight relationship, the condition factor and the sex ratio were conducted for the two species.The length-weight relationship was W=0.016L2.847 for L. ramadaand and W= 0.014L2.892for M. Cephalus. Both species exhibited negative isometric growth. L. ramada condition factor was high during summer (1.115196) and low during winter (0.999256), while M. cephalus condition factor was high in winter (1.129042) and low in autumn (0.986667).

Amana A. Mohammed, Lutfi M. A. Musa, Ramadan A. S. Ali, Abdalla N. Elawad and Sayed M. Ali
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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