Length weight relationship and condition factor of hirundichthys coromandelensis (flying fish) in bayof bengal near pulicat coast

A study of length-weight relationship of Flying fish from Pulicat was studied for a period of six months (April – September, 2014 )May and june is the peak season were recorded . Generally, the frequency distribution of Flying fish from Pulicat was binomial distribution. The length weight regression equation was Log W = 0.977 + 3.16LogL with Correlation coefficient value of 0.850 and significance of correlation values of P< 0.05, _ = 29.2, _ = 199.The “a” and “b” values were 0.977 and 3.16 respectively. The “r” value was positive (1.1). The condition index value range from 0.83 – 1.00 and the condition factor value was 0.94.Flying fish exhibited allometric growth. There was strong association between length and weight of Flying fish. Flying fish was in a good condition.

Vinoth, A. and Ramachandra Prabu, S.
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