Interrogation into difficulties teachers face in dealing with adolescent sexuality problems in secondary schools, of coast region, Kenya

This study was aimed at investigating out challenges teachers face in dealing with adolescent’s sexuality problems in secondary schools of coast region. The purpose of the study was triggered by the fact that despite establishment of guidance and counseling department in schools students were suffering from problems related to their sexuality. It was assumed that after this study, the information was to be used in establishing sexuality problems in secondary schools that teachers face the challenge of dealing with. Related literature of the study was a collection of what other writers had said in other books concerning sexuality problems among adolescents. The research design used was survey method which collected data in a wide population effectively. The target population comprised of 100 students, 10 parents, 10 teachers, 4 head teachers and 2 education officers all from Kisauni Division. Questionnaires and interview schedules were used for data collection. For ethical considerations the researcher got permission from the ministry of Education and National Council of Science and Technology [NCST] for data collection. Data was analyzed using frequency tables and percentages. Presentations of data was done using bar graphs and pie charts. Discussions and implications were formulated using results of research findings. Recommendations on how research findings can be used by various bodies e.g. students parents, teachers and ministry of Education were written according to the objectives of the study. Further research was recommended for filling of gaps in future

Edith kariuki and Dr. Ruth Thinguri
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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