Internet usage of rural and urban adolescents

Internet has become the backbone of the modern education system. The present study was conducted to compare the Internet use of rural and urban Adolescents. The Purposive random sampling technique was employed to select students and data collected through a questionnaire. The results reveal comparatively boys were spending more time on internet rather than girls. When compared to age 14years and15years old students were watching more time (mean=42.94) with regard to birth order comparatively first born children were spending more time (45.94 minutes) than 2nd and 3rd born children . The findings also indicate that both the rural and urban living students were using internet more compare to rural living students comparatively type of school and place of residence. Comparatively private school students were using internet more rather than government school students.

Archana, Y., Dr. Anuradha, K., Vaniprashathi, G. and Sudha Rani, K.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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