The interference of the languages and the teaching method of the foreign language on the basis of native language

This article has been devoted about the interference between Azerbaijan and English languages. The problems of the interference are given and explained according to the details. As we know, all the norms are lost during the appearing of the interference in the contacting languages. It is clear that everybody must know well his own language completely. At the time the teacher has to give the characteristic features of the occurrence of interference and its analysis in the translation processes. Also, the teachers must explain the analysis of interference in the translation process and the identification task for students in it. The interference in the language was shown the in this article which was explained during the teaching processes. All the teaching materials were given according to the grammar rule of the language. But sometimes there may be many errors in the language interference during the teaching processes. That’s why all the positive and negative interferences have been explained with examples and analyzed in the article. The teaching processes depend on the teachers’ methods and students’ knowledge and ability. In this article has been given and analyzed the lexical interference in contact languages. The occurrence of the interference in the lexical meanings of the words in the translation processes have been explained and shown the similarities and differences between them. The specific features of the interference process were also given in the morphological and syntactical levels between Azerbaijan and English languages and also analyzed the examples with their errors about morphological and syntactical interference in contacting languages. The common problems are highlighted in the analyses of the students’ samples consisted of omission of phrases (NP-noun phrase and VP- verb phrase) in the sentence formation. The errors do not differ from those that previous studies identified. The causes of the errors were frequently named as the same sources of the interference of the first language and intralingual. The students learn the rules of morphology and syntax, it does not guarantee that learners will grammatically apply the rules into their writing. All these largely depend on teachers’ activity. The main objective of this article is to examine the interference in the translation process. All the difficulties of interference are presented and explained in this article.

Yusif Ashraf oglu Suleymanov
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