Intelligent vision based mobile robot for pipe line inspection and cleaning

Development and advancement in technologies lead to constant change in the fluid transportation systems. In recent years, fluids are moved through pipes laid above and below the ground and water level. These fluid are readily react with the carrying pipes and need consistent maintenance and repairing, which is a difficult task for humans, as they carry toxic chemicals, fluids, lighting, toxic gas, low pressure and most of the time has small internal diameter or bends which become inaccessible to human. To overcome the problem of cleaning, in this research, an intelligent internal pipe cleaning robot using vision system had been developed. The developed robot can move through the interiors of the pipes using independent motors and flexibly adjusting wheels. The vision system has been used to capture the pipe interiors. The image had been interpreted using artificial neural network and the output has been given to the controller and in turn it will clean or move to the next segment. The experimentation had been conducted with virtual pipes and the performances were found satisfactory.

Dr. Rajesh Kanna, S.K., Ilayaperumal, K. and Jaisree, A.D.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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