Influence of income and education on nutritional status of female farm labourers from parbhani district of marathwada region

This study was undertaken to know the influence of income and educational level onnutritional status of selected female farm labourers from urban slum and rural area of Parbhani District of Marathwada region. Randomly 500 female farm labourers were selected i.e. 250 each from urban slums and rural. Equal number of 21-30 and 31-40 years i.e. 125 each in all groups were covered for study. The study involved anthropometry, food consumption pattern and nutrient intake of selected 500 female farm labourers. Anthropometric measurements of selected female farm labourersfor height, weight, BMI, MUAC, waist circumference, hip circumference and WHR was ranged between 150.08 to 151.32cm, 48.25 to 50.08kg, 21.35 to 22.62 kg/m2, 25.08 to 25.88cm,73.36 to 75.58cm, 87.20 to 90.18cm and 0.84 to 0.86respectively. Statistically non-significant difference was observed when compared the values among different income levels for all anthropometric measurements. Further the consumption of different food stuffs by selected subjects revealed that irrespective of different income and educational groups all the recorded values were below than ICMR recommendation for all food groups except sugars and jaggery. All the recorded values for nutrient intake were below RDA except fat. The meal pattern of all surveyed respondents was almost same irrespective of education and monthly family income but change was noticed in terms of quantity of food. Change in food pattern may be due to economic condition, choices and preference of foodstuffs.

Dr. Zanvar, V. S. and Kharwadea, A.R.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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