Importance of gastronomic marketing for the tourism development of the manta city, manabí

This paper aims to analyze the importance of the gastronomic marketing of the city of Manta, studying factors of value for the development of the economy, tourism and gastronomy of the province Manabí and Ecuador. It also investigates the forms and resources of the gastronomic promotion in tourist cities worldwide, which contribute to the increase of gastronomic commerce. For this we proceeded to review the literature, to describe the primordial elements of the gastronomy of Manabí and Ecuador, and to expose with greater clarity the gastronomic potential of Manabita, taking, for example, the city of Manta, for this research. This work is based on a descriptive, non-experimental, and analytical study. Additionally, significant progress has been made by the Peruvian economy through the positioning of its cuisine as the central axis of the economy and tourism. It is important to emphasize that the gastronomic marketing in Ecuador is indeed of great importance, since through it it can reaffirm the gastronomy identity and rescue the culinary pride, as long as the Ecuadorian cuisine is rediscovered and remains faithful to the roots. It is necessary the commitment of the citizens of the city of Manta, to promote Ecuadorian cuisine as an integrating instrument, as well as the culinary techniques and techniques typical of the area, facilitating and strengthening adequate environmental and food security.

Emil Viera Manzo, Paola Germania Castillo García, María Esperanza Zambrano Saavedra and Barbara Fernández Sanabria
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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